Welcome to "Balance over Burnout", my FREE 2-week program!

Hi, I'm Jenn, and I specialize in helping high performers, from go-getter corporate professionals to hustling entrepreneurs, break free from the cycle of chronic stress and burnout.

Do you experience an everyday feeling of pressure and overwhelm? Are you stuck in a constant cycle of being busy and saying yes, feeling like you’re always in a state of always doing yet never feeling like you’re getting anything done?

That’s what I call chronic stress, and sometimes you’re so stuck in the cycle, you may not even realize you’re caught in it. 

This program is designed for those ready to shatter this exhausting cycle, which often manifests as panic attacks, emotional outbursts, or a constant feeling of exhaustion…or other longer-term health issues that we all want to avoid.

I'm here to assure you that your ambitious life goals don't have to come at such a high toll to your well-being.

Over the next two weeks, you'll receive a series of emails filled with resources to help you overcome stress and realign your life. Expect coaching exercises focusing on well-being, chakras, and energy, reflective questions, and practices such as yoga nidra and meditation.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Deepen your connection with your body and mind by regulating your nervous system.
  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery, starting to connect with your values and understanding what balance means to you.
  • Learn new frameworks to help you manage your energy and know where to focus your attention.
  • Feel a deeper sense of clarity and connection to your purpose.


Jenn was incredible to work with because she meets you where you’re at, and creates a non-judgemental and safe space to do deep inner work. I fully recommend Jenn to anyone looking to make a change and find more balance in their life!
Jenn is a great facilitator with a beautiful energy.
I had an amazing experience meeting Jenn and learning how to de-stress through yoga and breathing as well as making a change to my thought processes. She is genuine, knowledgeable and cares deeply for the well being of her clients. Highly recommend!

December 8, 2023
5:24pm TZ

break the cycle!

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